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Virtual Medical Scribing

Virtual Partners in Clinic delivering burnout relief with details for efficient and improved documentaion results


We address the number one cause of physician's burnout by relieving them from their documentation specialist duties that restricts them from engaging with their patients face-to-face.

Medronix leads the industry with flexible workflow models that help our highly trained Virtual Scribes serve as trusted physician assistants. Our scribes offer physician support that goes far beyond basic discrete and non-discrete chart completion.

Reduce physician's burnout, increase patient satisfaction, and improve document quality and financial results with Medronix Virtual Scribes.

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Virtual Scribing Services

Medronix provides efficient Virtual Scribing services to many clinics boosting clinical and financial results while reducing physician burnout. With flexible delivery options for real-time scribe encounters, recorded encounters, or post-encounter note support, Medronix Virtual Scribes minimize provider keyboarding time, enable increased patient loads during normal workday schedules, and accelerate accurate, content rich chart closures.

Medronix Advantages:
  • 30% average increase in daily patient encounters
  • 98% same-day chart closure rates
  • Measurably reduced physician burnout
  • Recognized as the top ranked Virtual Scribes

What We Do

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Scribes can perform basic pre-chart review to prompt physicians based on earlier visit details

Scribe listens during the encounters and, depending on physician preference, may interact

Discrete/non-discrete input, including pharmacy and lab orders, reviewed between patients

Physicians can supplement EHR input between patients by speaking with scribes in real-time

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