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Revenue Cycle Services

Your organizations’ revenue cycle challenges are unique.

Transform your revenue cycle with our best practices, seasoned resources, and technology solutions.

Your organization has a unique set of revenue cycle challenge, and we have an experienced team to take you on the right path. Medronix helps you eliminate inefficiencies, improve margins, and prepare for value-based reimbursement by providing you powerful insights into your revenue cycle performance.

Our revenue cycle services are focused on supporting the entire cycle of processes including Patient Access, Medical Billing & Coding, Denial Management and A/R recovery, and a set of supporting services to help providers stay in compliance, and collect more money, faster.

We address the number one cause of physician's burnout by relieving them from their documentation specialist duties that restricts them from engaging with their patients face-to-face.

Medronix leads the industry with flexible workflow models that help our highly trained Virtual Scribes serve as trusted physician assistants. Our scribes offer physician support that goes far beyond basic discrete and non-discrete chart completion.

Reduce physician's burnout, increase patient satisfaction, and improve document quality and financial results with Medronix Virtual Scribes.

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Our Solutions

  • Patient Scheduling & Appointment Management
  • Insurance & Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Registration/Patient Demographics
  • Prior Authorization
  • Clinical Documentation & Coding Services
  • Claims Submission & Work edits
  • Coding Audit Services
  • Charge Capture
  • Accounts Receivables Credit Balance
  • Self-Pay & Patient Follow-up
  • Denials & Appeals Management Services
  • Insurance & Patient
  • Provider Enrollment & credentialing
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Payment Posting