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What is medical transcription?

Professionals such as doctors, nurses, and therapists often dictate patient reports into a handheld recorder. There are several types of reports, and each must be typed in a standard format to prevent misinterpretation of data and medical mistakes.

Here are some examples of the types of medical reports to be transcribed:

  • Letters to patients
  • Letters to other medical professionals, such as record requests and referrals
  • Medical histories and physical reports
  • Patient visit summaries
  • Consultations
  • Radiology reports
  • Laboratory reports
  • Pathology reports
  • Surgical reports / operative reports
  • Discharge summaries and instructions
More About Us

Why Chose Us

The security of your data

Keeping the highest possible rate of confidentiality is one of our main goals. Choosing us, you can be sure that the information in your recordings will remain safe. We can ensure you that the information on your patients and work will be secured from leaking. More about confidentiality.

The accuracy of our transcriptions

The main purpose of transcriptions is the storage of accurate information. It is especially important in the medical field, where even the smallest error can have a negative impact of the overall performance.

Our transcriptionists are proud of their high-quality performance and are ready to help you with the medical audio recordings you send to us. Medronix can offer you the quality you will hardly find at other transcription companies.

Fast medical transcriptions

You can be sure that we will begin to work with your order as soon as we get it at a 6-12 turnaround. At any time, there are transcribers who are waiting for a transcription order and will start working on it immediately. For the best efficiency, we divide the audio file into sections and give them to different specialists so that the job would be completed as soon as possible.

When all the pieces are transcribed, the operation manager puts all the text in one file to make a consistent and professional medical transcription.