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Our Services

Our Cybersecurity Services

Our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity engages tools and services designed to protect you from every angle. We assess your current security setup, identify vulnerabilities, then create a custom plan to strengthen your weaknesses and eliminate vulnerabilities.


  • Constant monitoring, threat detection, & alerting
  • Managed network security
  • Managed backups & business continuity
  • Firewalls, data encryption, and more


Our fully managed SIEM solution combines security information with event management to provide real-time alerts of threats to your systems. This service includes our full security stack, real-time incident response, monitoring and threat detection, and more.

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SOC as a Service uses a variety of resources and threat feeds to gather active threat intelligence, providing your incident response team with essential, current data. Leveraging managed SOC can reduce deployment and operational costs for your security operations.

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How the Process Works

We get to know your business and analyze your current IT infrastructure, including your network, devices, processes, and policies, to identify vulnerabilities.


Our expert technicians create a cybersecurity plan that eliminates those vulnerabilities and guards against risks specific to your organization. We walk you through your options in terms of hardware and software and help you make informed decisions that will best protect your company.


We implement cybersecurity measures that will protect you against cyber threats from every angle, from firewalls and data encryption to network security and secure managed backups.


We continuously monitor your systems using advanced threat detection and alerting systems designed to prevent attacks to ensure the highest degree of constant security.

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