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Virtual Medical Scribing

Virtual Partners in Clinic delivering burnout relief with details for efficient and improved documentaion results

  • 30% average increase in daily patient encounters
  • 98% same-day chart closure rates
  • Measurably reduced physician burnout
  • Recognized as the top ranked Virtual Scribes
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Revenue Cycle Services

Your organizations’ revenue cycle challenges are unique.

Transform your revenue cycle with our best practices, seasoned resources, and technology solutions.

Your organization has a unique set of revenue cycle challenge, and we have an experienced team to take you on the right path. Medronix helps you eliminate inefficiencies, improve margins, and prepare for value-based reimbursement by providing you powerful insights into your revenue cycle performance.

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Ambulance ePCR

Never Worry About Incomplete or Non-compliant Crew Documentation with Medronix EMS ePCR Software

  • Maximize Revenue with Accurate & Timely EMS ePCR Software
  • Higher EMS ePCR Data Quality
  • Prevent Quality Errors
  • Maximize Revenue with Accurate & Timely EMS ePCR Software
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Healthcare Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services enable your business to operate more efficiently, scale more easily, and gain a competitive edge through top-of-the-line technology.

  • Managed AWS & Azure Environments
  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Private Cloud
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Our Cybersecurity Services

Our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity engages tools and services designed to protect you from every angle. We assess your current security setup, identify vulnerabilities, then create a custom plan to strengthen your weaknesses and eliminate vulnerabilities.

  • Constant monitoring, threat detection, & alerting
  • Managed network security
  • Managed backups & business continuity
  • Firewalls, data encryption, and more
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Medronix @ FMX conference Washington, DC 2022

Medronix did a promotional Booth at the FMX Washington, DC 2022 conference.

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About Us

Medronix, a DBA of SV Meditrans Inc., has been providing service to Healthcare Providers around the Globe.

Medronix was conceptualized to provide transformational healthcare business process and IT services and make a positive impact to the business outcomes of our clients. With a team of over 200 technology and business process specialists, we provide:

  • End to end revenue cycle management services to healthcare providers, and medical billing companies.
  • Chart Abstraction services
  • HEDIS Measures Reporting services
  • Payer administrative services
  • Virtual Scribing services
  • Ambulance ePCR
  • Medical Transcription
  • AI Powered Medical Document Automation
  • Managed IT Services focusing on Cyber security and Compliance
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