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Medronix – Medical Document Automation
Turn faxes, scanned documents, and blocks of text into healthcare information and use automation to act. Simply put,
Medronix reads this data and extracts the information that is important to you and integrates with your EHR.

Medical Document Automation

Despite significant investments in electronic health records, paper, faxes and unstructured reports are still a common way to share information about patients as they navigate the healthcare system. Because of the paper-intensive nature and need for efficient management of information, while ensuring data security, healthcare organizations demand an advanced automation solution for image recognition, document analysis, and automation.

Our Solution

Medronix uses state-of-the-art public cloud artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize and extract healthcare information from documents, faxes and narrative reports. Including Medronix in your workflow streamlines the process to improve patient care and clinical efficiencies while maintaining security and confidentiality. Our AI powered document processing solution lets you focus on higher-value activities related to patient care than document processing. Because Medronix uses the public cloud, the AI and language processing models are continually evolving and improving.

About Images

How Medronix AI Works

Medronix uses the latest in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to intelligently extract information from faxes, scanned documents and narrative text and automates routing and action.

  • Turns document images such as faxes and scans into readable text using the latest recognition capabilities
  • Identifies discreet data within the documents using NLP to understand the context
  • Supports human in the loop when recognition or extraction confidence is below required thresholds
  • Integrates with EHRs and other systems to provide further confidence when matching patients, integration to workflows etc.